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Sanders & Clinton battle it out for Latino votes in California!

Bernie Sanders & Hillary Clinton are about to battle it out once again when it comes to snatching the next set of Latino votes as the Californian primary is right around the corner.

But which democratic hopeful could win big with Latinos on the West Coast come June 7?

According to some political analysts, when it comes to winning over Latinos in California, Sanders could be clawing at the win considering Clinton is still favored amongst the community and is already described as to having a “near-lock” win in the state.

Amongst Latinos, according to an independent field poll taken last month, it revealed that while Clinton had a 7 point edge with Latinos over Sanders, Sanders could still be a challenge since he is closing in with a 3-to-1 margin attracting young Latinos.

According to Ben Tulchin, a Sanders campaign pollster, Sanders could have “a real potential to win Latinos,” in California because when it comes to acquiring votes from the state he “needs an influx of young Latinos and he’s getting it, it’s happening.”

In California alone, it is estimated that as many as 2 in 10 voters are Latino. And of those voters, many of them are first time voters who are eligible to—and want to participate—in the upcoming election that decides who will be a fitting leader.

And this is where the early predications for Clinton’s ultimate win may be too quick a draw. With Sanders favoring well amongst young Latinos, he also happens to favor well with first time Latinos of any age.

I don’t ever feel like I believe politicians, but I believe him,” says Mercedes Hart, 35, who lived for years in Mexico. Hart, like many of Sanders’ voters who have been showing support for him, has backed the Senator finding his stance on defending every day, workaday Americans within an economy divided by haves and have-nots to be appealing.

If Sanders is able to win California, snatching the state from Clinton, it is believe it would be a huge dent in Clinton’s campaign and will back Sanders argument amongst fellow Democratic party members that he can stand and win when in a race against the already identified Republican candidate Trump come this November.

However, while there are estimations of who within the Latino community could be voting for Sanders when it comes to Clinton there is a large probability who will likely back her to become the Democratic nominee.

The most likely Latino voter is still an older voter in California,” said Jamie Regalado, former executive director of the Pat Brown Institute of Public Affairs at California State University, “And those voters, almost to a person, will stay with Clinton.”

With a sense of familiarity with older Latinos, Clinton also has a significant backing from California’s prominent Latino politicians. With endorsements from the likes of former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to Secretary of State Alex Padilla and U.S. Rep. Xavier Becerra as well as many more, Clinton’s endorsements could further sway Latinos in California into voting for her.

With both presidential hopefuls hitting the campaign trail and publicly addressing key issues Latinos want addressed like: education, immigration and wages. While there is no definite knowing who Latinos in California will vote for, one interesting fact is that there is a pulling factor that has made Latinos, of various ages really, become registered to vote so that their votes counts.

And this is in thanks to the unsavory commentary of one Donald Trump who’s hateful comments have resulted in a somewhat positive outcome.

June 7 is steadily approaching, and soon we will have a clearer picture of who—either Sanders or Clinton—will be going head-to-head with Trump come this November to become our 45th President of the United States of America.

Bernie Sanders visits Puerto Rico!


Bernie Sanders may not know Spanish, but that prevent the President hopeful from visiting Puerto Rico on Monday and speaking before crowds of his supporters.

If elected president of the United States, you will have an ally in the Oval Office” promised Sanders, who began a day of campaigning in the island prior to the Democratic primary which is to take place three weeks from now.

Throughout his campaign trail, Sanders mostly talked about the “greed” seen on Wall Street which may have been a strategy by the Sanders campaign considering the debt crisis currently plaguing Puerto Rico.

When it comes to making its debt payments, the country of Puerto Rico has defaulted on millions in debt payments over the last year and will likely continue to default if Congress does not act soon.

I’m not going to lower the standard of living of the people in Puerto Rico, so that billionaires can have more profits,” Sanders said at a rally held Monday evening, “It is unacceptable that venture capitalists are buying Puerto Rican bonds at a fraction what they cost and they expect 100 cents on the dollar. Together we will not allow that to happen.”

According to Sanders, for the country to bounce back from its debt crisis it should not be met by strict measures that will further harm the lives of the people living in the county economically when it comes to facing the country’s budget issues.

Austerity will not solve this crisis. We must vigorously oppose all efforts at austerity,” he said. “In the midst of this massive human crisis, it is morally unacceptable that billionaire hedge fund managers have been calling for even more austerity in Puerto Rico.”

Rather than simply impose measures on the country’s budget issue, Sanders called for an independent audit of the island’s debt and addressed the U.S. Federal Reserve System to aid the country by using its emergency authority to allow Puerto Rico to restructure its debt through bankruptcy court.

In-addition to the country’s economic crisis, Sanders also addressed the country’s relationship with the United States of America.

The people of the United States cannot continue a colonial-type relationship with the people of Puerto Rico,” said Sanders during a morning event.

In-regards to the country’s relationship with the U.S., Sanders vowed that as President he would increase the island’s political autonomy. Sanders also promised to bring a “binding” vote during his first year in office; this binding vote would allow the people of Puerto Rico to decide their own political status.

Some people I know want statehood, some people want independence, some people want something else. But that is a decision to be made by the decision of Puerto Rico,” Sanders stated, during a town hall event held at an elementary school.

Sanders also laid out his plans regarding healthcare, education, and the environment.

Before his supporters on the island, Sanders proposed a “Medicare-for-all health care system,” and free public college tuition that would expand to the island country and benefit Puerto Ricans as well. As for the environment, Sanders talked about cutting Puerto Rico’s dependency on fossil fuels and bringing a renewable energy sector to the island.

His environmental platform is so much more eco-friendly than that of Republicans and also his opponent, Hillary Clinton,”said Wilson Santiago, a 31-year-old a Ph.D. student and a supporter of Sanders who attended one of his rallies.

While campaigning in Puerto Rico, Sanders rarely mentioned his democratic opponent Hillary Clinton who tends to have a higher approval rate among the Latino community, specifically Puerto Ricans hailing from New York City. However, Sanders has drawn an impressive crowd of supporters in the mainland.

During an evening rally at the University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras it was estimated that an additional 3,000 supporters had to wait outside the rally in the dark after the large theater in-which it was held in reached capacity.

To see how much Puerto Ricans on the mainland are behind Sanders we will have to wait until the primary results in three weeks.

Donald Trump’s continued offense of Latinos

Donald Trump

It’s no surprise that there is no love between Donald Trump & the Latino community, especially since last June when Trump verbally assaulted the Mexican community—which also impacted the Latino community at large—during his announcement speech which entailed his intention to become our 45th President of the United States.

In the speech, Trump associated Mexicans, Mexican Immigrants, and Latinos really to “killers” & “rapists” when he stated how in his presidency he would build a border wall between the United States & Mexico in order to keep out such people from entering the country.

Since then, Trump’s continued anti-Immigration/anti-Latino rhetoric has found some acceptance by Americans who believe his rhetoric. However, while this notion is disturbing Trump has been a benefit of sorts for the Latino community since more Latinos have become more politically active to prevent the possibility of Trump becoming president.

Last month, a Gallup poll revealed that 77% of the Latino community have an unfavorable opinion regarding Trump. So, could a recent blunder by Trump be just another typical bigot and lack of common sense posting to social media to mock Latinos or a bigot and lack of common sense attempt to sway Latinos to find him more favorable as a potential Republican candidate in the 2016 elections.

Last week for Cinco de Mayo, Trump took to his Twitter and posted a photo of him before a Taco bowl that was captioned: “ Happy Cinco de Mayo! The best taco bowls are made in Trump Tower Grill. I love Hispanics!”

As expected, whatever his intention was, when the photo instantly went viral, Trump did receive the usual laugh and positive comments from like-minded racists but he also attracted a great deal of criticism from Latino groups who found the photo offensive as well as pandering.

Janet Murguia, president of the National Council of La Raza—the nation’s largest Hispanic civil rights organization—expressed what many Latinos felt in a respond tweet to the photo.

Eating a taco or wearing a sombrero doesn’t cut it w/our community in 2016.”

Trump is not exactly suffering in the election. With no real challengers to take the nomination from him and with a great deal of support from some Americas, whatever challengers that Trump may face from in-party challenges won’t hinder him.

What could prove to be an issue is the Latino vote, which as of now probably doesn’t even exist for him; even with 12% of Latinos finding him favorable, so say the Gallup poll. Whatever his intention was, whatever he may plan to do in order to win over Latinos remains to be seen, but there is still a long time for something to arise in-between now and November.

Sidenote, the Taco bowl meal is not an authentic Mexican dish. It was one created in America.

Ted Cruz drops out of Presidential Race!


There was no real winner last night for the Republican party, or America come November if something terrible & frightening happens if a certain billionaire is elected, but there is no sense of winning for the United States Senator of Texas Ted Cruz who has officially dropped out of the elections.

After his lost in Indiana’s primary, Cruz announced—before giving an accidental elbow jab/poke to the face of his wife Heidi Cruz—that he is no longer seeking to become our 45th President of the United States of America.

Despite his efforts to remain in the race from partnering up with Ohio Governor John Kasich in a “Never Trump” movement & choosing former- CEO of Hewlett-Packard Carly Fiorina as his vice presidential nominee, Cruz could not topple Donald Trump who is now all but certain to obtain the Republican nomination to run against either Democratic nominee hopeful Senator Bernie Sanders & Senator Hillary Clinton.

While Trump has been continual forecast as being the victor for the nomination, last night’s victory and ousting of Cruz comes as quite the surprise since Indiana was supposed to be a “more favorable terrain” for Cruz. Cruz was predicted to do well in Indiana primarily because the state is known for being known a conservative, evangelical state.

We left it all on field in Indiana. We gave it everything we got, but the voters chose another path,” said Cruz, before a crowd of his supporters in Indiana.

With Cruz dropping out of the race, there’s no real threat that Trump will encounter obtaining the nomination. Even Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus has declared Trump the “presumptive GOP nominee.”

So come November 2016, we could be making history if we make one of the biggest mistakes when it comes to electing our next President.

Who will Latinos vote for in the upcoming 2016 New York Primary?


As April 19th steadily approaches and New York prepares to cast their vote in who amongst the Democratic & Republican nominees will be one more step closer to becoming our 45th President of the United States of America, a recent poll has revealed whom among the Latino community along the east coast could support.

According to a poll by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI)—an American nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to research and education at the intersection of religion, values and public life—in unison with The Atlantic, found that Latinos are quite split between one set of nominees while obviously discontent with the other.

Can you guess which is which?

Well if not, I can break it down for you.

According to the poll, when it comes to the Democratic nominees former- United States Secretary of State & Senator of New York Hillary Clinton & Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders, 47% of Latinos are pulling for Clinton to become our next president with 48% wanting Sanders to take up the future leadership.

Currently, Clinton has been able to score big amongst Latinos earning victories in key Latino states like Arizona, Florida, and Texas meanwhile Sanders has found support from Latinos in Colorado and Illinois. However, when it comes to another highly populated state like Nevada Latinos are seesawing between the two Democratic candidates.

Latino voters are more likely to be younger than white votes and that’s been part of his appeal,” said Robert Jones, CEO of PRRI, explaining the sudden shift of Latinos backing Sanders pointing the spotlight on this country’s young population or millennials as they’ve been called, “He’s been able to be very strong among younger voters.”

In-regards to millennials, analysts of the upcoming electorate for the 2016 Presidential Elections find that of the voters to go to the polls Latinos account an estimated for 44%. It’s this high number that both Clinton & Sanders have been keen on attracting.

When looking outside of the Latino community, Clinton’s next strongest support comes from Black Americans who favor her an estimated 63% to Sanders who stands at an estimated 30%, so says the poll’s findings.

Now, what of the Republican Candidates?

While it is truly appalling that he is still in the race, Donald Trump is still finding a strong ground amongst Republican voters to his GOP hopeful & somewhat challenging opponent Senator of Texas Ted Cruz. Despite the support in their party, both candidates are finding it difficult to gain support amongst Latinos.

According to the poll, 83% of Latino voters have an unfavorable opinion to Trump meanwhile 51% also find Cruz to be unlikable as well. While Trump has been more antagonistic in-regards to his racist rhetoric regarding immigrants & Latinos, both Trump and Cruz have been confronted on their immigration stances which have a huge importance to the Latino community.

Voto Latino launches voter app directed at Latinos


In an effort to prevent a bigot from obtaining this country’s 45th presidency, a Latino organization devoted to educating and encouraging Latinos to become agents of change in the country have created an innovated app to hopefully aid in that endeavor.

Recently, at SXSW a Latino organization announced an innovative way of mobilizing millennial Latino voters to participate in the currently election season.

An annual event during mid-March and held in Austin, Texas, South by Southwest—also known as SXSW—is a gathering of like-minded individuals who are changing the scope of film, interactive media, and music that’s all tech-oriented. The conference, of sorts, is a place for young and influential leaders who can shape the future to present their innovative ideas.

So, it makes perfect sense for Voto Latino/strong> to present its downloadable app VotoPal which will be an innovative way for young Latino Americans to vote.

Once downloaded onto your phone, VoterPal will allow users to scan their ID and register to vote. With the online fields automatically populated and a confirmation email sent within a matter of seconds, Non-registered voters will become instantly registered cutting down the time of the usual paper registration process.

So when we’re trying to figure on how to franchise the next group of Americans, we have to figure out where they are, how they talk, and more importantly, we have to use the technology that they crave,” said Maria Teresa Kumar, CEO & President of Voto Latino at the opening of the launch panel of the app.

According to Kumar, the purpose of developing VoterPal was a means to mobilize voter turnout at the upcoming election by ensuring more Latinos become aware of how they can voice themselves within the political world through voting; especially since the current political climate has become quite hostile in-regards to Latinos and immigrant living within the country.

Another purpose for the app’s creation is due to the recent changes to the Voting Rights Act made by the Supreme Court which greatly affected states like Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas which happens to be the five states that have the lowest Latino population.

As we see these sweeping demographic changes, what we find in the Latino community, is that they often don’t know how to navigate the political process. We have to figure out how to modernize our election systems,” said Kumar.

During the panel, Kumar was joined onstage by actress America Ferrera, who happens to be the Chair for Voto Latino’s Artist Coalition. Ferrerra came onto the panel as a source of someone who understands the mind of young Latino voters.

And which is not surprising for Ferrerra, the former Ugly Betty star knew exactly what she was talking about.

Upon entering the panel’s discussion, Ferrerra pointed out the lack of audience members participating in the panel which she noted as being the “the elephant in the room.”

That’s why I feel this work is so empowering to me. There is an answer. We just need to resource and give people the proper tools and educate them, and ask them to be a part of the conversation,” said Ferrera, describing the importance of involving more American Latinos in the voting process by providing a better outreach to the community.

As a way of providing voter outreach, Voto Latino will continue to pursue their effort in getting more Latinos registered to vote by promoting the VoterPal app throughout the election season by present at conferences and college campuses across important electoral states like Nevada, Texas, Arizona, Colorado and California, with plans to expand to New Mexico and Florida.

Heighten Racism of the 2016 Presidential Elections


Initially, when it came to the 2016 Presidential Elections I wanted to forego discussing anything that was going on politically in the country.

Yes, I know that to do nothing means that I am not privy to make any comments when something unsavory results due to my inaction. However, my choosing to be neutral when it comes to either engaging friends in conversations or when it comes to thinking about what to write for LatinTRENDS I wasn’t straying away from the elections because I didn’t know what was going on but I knew what was coming and I wouldn’t be able to stomach it.

When I look at the current contenders battling it out within the United States of America I do not hear the promises being made by Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio, or Ted Crus, but what I do hear is a monolith of ignorance, bigotry, and hatred being tossed about so loudly that it makes an air raid siren sound no louder than a miniscule mouse.

I wanted to abstain from talking about Donald Trump and his traveling circus of hatred—also known as his campaign trail to become our 45th President. I wanted to avoid it because it is impossible to remain opinion-free lately when it comes to anything Trump.

However, what once seemed to be an impossibility is so slowly becoming possible: Trump could very well be our next president. And since this may be an actuality, I am breaking my “if you have an opinion don’t write about it,” rule in order to discuss what is really going on within this election season.

This election doesn’t appear to be about politics anymore, in fact it appears solely to be about one very problematic social issue within our society. This election is showing a deep-rooted issue in our society that has been overlooked for far too long and has resurrected a monstrous sentiment from our past: Racism.

Since making his announcement that he will run for president, Trump has been steadily making this country become accustomed to his irrational and racist rhetoric regarding those he views as being opponents against making “America Great Again!.”

The one thing these opponents appear to have in common: they are all non-white.

Trump’s rallies have become a hotbed of racial aggression for those viewed as non-whites thanks to Trumps continued degrading of Latinos, Blacks, and Muslim citizens living in the country. His continued condemning and blaming of non-whites as to being the reason why our country isn’t “great” has resulted in his rallies being attended by white supremacist as well as members of the Ku Klux Klan.

Trump has even become endorsed by the likes of David Duke who is the former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan stating that Trump is the only candidate who is “best of the lot.

The appearance of the racists showing up at Trump’s rallies eerily reminds me of footage taken throughout the 50s & 60s in-which non-white civilians are verbally and physically assaulted by whites around them solely because of the color of their skin. And sadly, recent captured footage only adds to the sickening feeling the above images illicit.

Earlier this month, at two separate Trump rallies young black students were forcibly removed from the rallies. They were yelled at, they were shoved, and some were even physically assaulted after Trump ordered the crowds to remove any potential disruptors. These students weren’t merely thrown out because they appeared to be possible disruptors but were removed by the largely white crowd because they were Black.

The incident became a viral showing a group of men, some reported to being associated with white supremacist organizations, physically shoving and yelling at young woman named Shiya Nwanguma as she was led out of the rally.

Since this incident numerous protests have sprung up—more so than before originally led by Black Lives Matters movement—in order to show that while some are accepting Trump’s message there are a great deal of others who are not.

Last Friday in Chicago, protesters stood outside a Trump rally being held at the University of Illinois at Chicago Pavilion and because of the large presence the Trump rally was cancelled thus leading to a confrontation between Trump supporters and protesters outside. One moment from this event will forever be a part of history occurred when a Trump supporter encountered a protester outside.

In the image seen above, Birgitt Peterson—aged 69—is caught giving the “Heil Hitler” salute which has become a gesture linked to Nazism. Michael Joseph Garza, who appears in the picture, took to his Facebook page to write about the incident which has received its own viral firestorm.

According Garza, he was trying to help Peterson and her husband along with other Trump supporters leave the Pavilion by waving his hand through a clear route made for them. After indicating for Peterson to go, Garza stated that she responded with:

Go? Back in my day, you know what we did—” And then ended the exchange with the Hitler salute.

Now, Peterson has refuted claims that she and her husband or Nazis or White Supremacist—she’s alleges that the gesture was merely her attempt to correct protests who equated Trump to Adolf Hitler by showing them the difference. An attempt she clearly failed in doing.


The fact that he attracts racists and bigots doesn’t appear to bother Trump, in fact it seems to only empower him because as Trump has noted on several occasions those who attend his rallies are either passionate or fed up with the state of the country. And in-response to the aggression his supporters have displayed, well according to Trump that’s the protestors fault. So, while it is easy to blame Trump for the recent racial tensions that is currently unfolding in this country he is not to blame.

I recently saw a meme which stated—to a certain degree that—the racial issue in this country is equivalent to the lights being turned on in an apartment and spotting all the bugs scurrying away because of the light being cast upon them. Basically, the meme is addressing how 1) the issue of race is only a problem for most until a light is shined onto it and we see how disgusting it is because it is right in our faces and 2) if it continues to go unnoticed it will lead to a greater infestation that could possible become far too great to stop.

The racial issues in this country has been on a steady rise; it has been sitting in a boiling pot for a good long while now and it is beginning to boil over to a point that everyone can see just how problematic it is.

The campaigning for the 45th presidency has shined a huge light on how the continued ignorance and lack of addressing this country’s issue regarding race has become more troublesome. If this issue continues to go unchecked, if we do not find a way to address it, and we permit an individual like Trump or a candidate who will not resolve this ongoing issue then the notion that we are all created equal is nothing more than dead, poetic words.

Bernie or Hillary? Who Could Win the Latino Vote?


It’s been stated throughout numerous media platforms that when it comes to the 2016 Presidential Elections that Latinos could very well be the deciding factor to whom snags the 45th President Presidency. So with that being said whom among the top leading contenders could it be: Hilary Clinton & Bernie Sanders.

Yes, this week I will forego mentioning any of the Republican candidates because 1) they are quite tiring with their “crazy circus” debating…I’m sorry, that’s offensive to circuses who have done nothing wrong; 2) this post will look at the two Democratic contenders who are see-sawing the Latino vote.

When Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders threw his bid in to become our next president he was looked at as the underdog candidate amongst Latinos because very few knew his name and therefore new very little (apart from the fact that when it came time for Congress to vote, he voted against the comprehensive immigration reform placed before them).

But that was then and this is now.

Becoming somewhat of his own “celebrity” during this campaign season however, Sanders has become quite popular amongst a particular set of Latinos: millennials.

According to a recent report from the Pew Research Center, nearly half of all the Latino voters across this nation will be millennials since thousands more Latinos are turning 18 prior to November’s election and will become eligible to vote.

Latinos will play a pivotal role in Sen. Sanders’ path to victory in important states like Arizona, Illinois, New York, California, and Florida, and we’re confident he can continue to win in battleground states with their help,” so stated Arturo Carmona, a deputy political director in Sanders’ campaign camp.

And this could be very true.

So far this could be very well true considering the one weakness Clinton has when it comes to the Latino community is generating enough excitement amongst young voters. Sanders is able to attain this by inspiring youth across America—Latino youth as well—to cast their vote for him by hitting what matters to them by promising: higher wages & free college.

With this being a large platform in his campaign, Sanders’ stance on immigration reform—now—could give him the necessary push to continue siphoning off a majority of Latino millennial votes if Clinton doesn’t act wisely.

As president, I will fight for comprehensive immigration reform that provides a roadmap to citizenship for the 11 million aspiring Americans living in this country. But I will not wait for Congress to act. I will take executive action to accomplish what Congress has failed to do and build upon President Obama’s executive orders to unite families,” said Sanders, back in December 2015.

It’s Sanders “new” rhetoric that’s pulling in a large majority of his voter-supporters. He represents a change (not to be confused with President Obama’s change) that could be a great threat to Clinton if she doesn’t manage to sway the youth vote soon.

However, Sanders may still find the path to becoming the next President of the United States difficult due to Clinton having an ace in her pocket that Sanders does not yet have: a familiarity within political world.

During the recent Super Tuesday, Clinton displayed why she is a threat that should be taken serious despite what some may some. Yes, I do think she lacks the youth vote however she could very well turn that around and says, promises, or does something that could change the game between she and Sanders.

Unlike Sanders, Clinton recently showed just how much support she has within the Latino community. In Texas alone during Super Tuesday, Clinton snagged the state by 42 points with Latinos making up 32% of it.

Tuesday’s results show that Hillary Clinton has overwhelming support from the Latino community. In Texas alone, more than 315,000 Latinos voted for Clinton, which far exceeds the total number of votes Sanders received in Colorado and Nevada combined and shows the excitement for Clinton in the Latino community,” said a campaign spokesperson, Xochitl Hinojosa. “Our campaign will continue to fight for every vote and invest in states where the Latino community is critical.”

With stars like Ricky Martin & America Ferrerra backing her up, Clinton is a contender against Sanders because in her political career she’s been a political figure that’s been there for the people—and by people, the Latino people. When running for Senator of New York, Clinton’s large support came from the Latino community who found Clinton to be similar to her husband, former-President Bill Clinton, only slightly more better considering her stance in social action.

However, what could hit Clinton with her current supporters could be her stance on immigration which has a rocky history.

Back in 2014, Clinton responded to the capturing of unaccompanied minors caught at the U.S. border by stating they needed to be deported to “send a message” to other Central American families.

Statements like this along with a lack of confirmation to immigration reform advocates who asked that she’ll enact comprehensive immigration reform within her first 100 days in office by responding she’ll introduce legislation within that time frame could hurt Clinton later on in the race.

All-in-all, there is some promise that Clinton will stick to what she is stating she will do in the campaign especially when it comes to immigration reform—which will appease many Latinos.

We need comprehensive immigration reform with a path to full and equal citizenship. If Congress won’t act, I’ll defend President Obama’s executive actions—and I’ll go even further to keep families together. I’ll end family detention, close private immigrant detention centers, and help more eligible people become naturalized,” said Clinton, back in January.

Overall, expect to see some see-sawing between Clinton and Sanders before the final decision is made regarding which candidate will snag the democratic nomination and prevent a disaster from occurring in the office come 2017.

The Day After Super Tuesday…what’s next?


Well, it looks like when it comes to becoming our 45th President of the United States of America it’s going to be an election battle between Senator Hilary Clinton & …Donald Trump.

So if you didn’t know yesterday was Super Tuesday, which is one of the biggest days in the election seasons and why I made the above prediction.

If you’ve got no idea what Super Tuesday is, you’re in luck because I am going to break it down for you.

Super Tuesday is a major day within the political world—more importantly during a presidential election season—within the United States of America. Developed back in 1988, Super Tuesdays was to combat what had been referred to as the “Iowa syndrome,” (because Iowa is the first to cast its vote in the presidential race thus causing others to feel left out) so to be fair to other states on a Tuesday in either February or March hold elections allowing a more representative electorate to cast their primarily vote for any of the candidates still in the presidential race.

Super Tuesday consists of twelve states casting their votes for candidates from either the Democratic or Republican party to see whom among the party nomination has the most support in order to gain the party nomination and to hopefully snag the potential 45th presidency come November 8.

The eleven states voting to select the Republican nominee will be Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, and Virginia; with Alaska & Minnesota holding caucuses.

On the Democratic side, the eleven states to select the Democratic nominee are Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont and Virginia; with Colorado, Minnesota, and the US territory of American Samoa holding a caucus.

Typically, a Super Tuesday is the sink-or-swim moment of the campaign where does who can bring it go forth thanks to voter support and does who cannot can bow out with what remains of their dignity and bank account. In a way it is a dress rehearsal to the major campaign that is soon to come.

Prior to yesterday’s start of Super Tuesday, Hilary Clinton the Democratic nominee-hopeful and Donald Trump the Republican nominee-hopeful were leading in the polls when it came to who poll-takers believed would snag the majority of the votes.

So, how exactly did Super Tuesday play out?

The winners were, as predicted, Hilary Clinton & Donald Trump. While both candidates sort of swept the Super Tuesday elections, neither one won their party’s nomination. Trump won seven of the eleven states with Texas Senator Ted Cruz coming in second with three and Florida Senator Marco Rubio all the way in the back with just one state win. Meanwhile, Clinton won seven of the eleven states with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders taking the rest.

So, what does this mean?

Super Tuesday’s results revealed that:

1) Trump may actually become our next president…this twisted thought is becoming more of a reality if the Republican Party does not spend the next few months grooming Cruz (who is hanging on strong, considering) & Rubio (despite the lack of the votes received yesterday, could pull through if Ohio Governor John Kasich & Ben Carson withdraw their candidacy to enable Rubio to acquire their votes) in order to topple Trump; it is not exactly new that most in the Republican party have either lost or never liked the potential of the bigot billionaire becoming president.

What is the question in this scenario, is it too late to topple Trump who has quite the backing…

2) The South loves Hilary Clinton more than expected…Clinton’s win of Southern states with large minority populations in Texas, Georgia, Virginia, Alabama, Tennessee and Arkansas gave Clinton the much needed push against Sanders (who is still hanging in and can bounce back…if it’s possible).

With Super Tuesday come and gone, all that remains is the big primarily vote in Ohio that decides which one of the candidates of the Republican party will face Clinton or Sanders of the Democratic party to become our next president. Hopefully, it’ll be someone with enough sense, rationality, and not backed by a racist organization that walks about in hooded linen (i.e. Trump).

Senator Marco Rubio: The Not-So-Republican but Republican Candidate for President


Last week, I wrote how it would be a nightmare if Senator Ted Cruz of Texas became our 45th President of the United States of America. In the post, I admit, I came off a bit anti-Republican party—which I am not, I am anti-irrationality which has taken reign for some Republicans—so to address this for this post I will discuss who amongst the Republican party would be a better selection to become our next president.

And no, it is not Donald Trump.

The Republican candidate who could be an ideal fit as our next president is Senator Marco Rubio of Florida…unfortunately, that may not happen.

Last year, when Rubio announced he was running for the Republican party’s nomination he was the one candidate amongst his Republican counter-parts who was viewed by most political analysts as the one candidate who could pose as a real threat to Democratic candidate seeking the nomination for their party Hilary Clinton.

From a political viewpoint when it comes to American voters, Rubio and Clinton were close in who Latinos would show up to the polls and vote for considering both are favored among Latinos. And while Rubio still has some support amongst Latinos, his support is steadily declining (moreso outside of the Latino community) as November 2016 approaches and Cruz & Trump continues to stack up support from the Republican supporters.

Rubio’s love/hate relationship with his party began long before he made his announcement regarding his intention to become the next president.

Crowning himself as the “American Century” who is someone that is grounded by the lessons of America’s history but is also inspired with a thrive to aide America into the future, Rubio has always acknowledged that as the child of Cuban immigrants he is the product of the American dream; something that ideally connects well with most American and Latinos.

However, this very presentation along with Rubio’s original stance on immigration reform led to Rubio losing support from one very powerful group (a notion that is quite sad considering what they represent: uber social-political irrationality and conservative fanaticism): The Tea Party.

The Tea Party is one party that any candidate within the Republican party does not want to get on their “No Likey List,” because when you do you can find yourself in Rubio’s shoes right now: finding it hard to find significant backing from your party.

The relationship between the Tea Party and Rubio has been a rocky one—largely due to Rubio’s push for immigration reform which went against Tea Party’s own ideology on what that reform should be. To be more exact, it was Rubio’s connection with the Gang of Eight and their comprehensive immigration reform in 2013 that led to rift Rubio is facing today.

Back in 2013, Rubio was once a part of the now defunct Gang of Eight which has become a nickname for the bi-partisan group of eight United States Senators who wrote the 2013 comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) bill. The group was made up of four Republican Senators (John McCain was a member along with Rubio) & four Democratic Senators (Chuck Schumer of New York was involved too).

Under the comprehensive immigration reform there are two policies of interest that disswayed the Tea Party from Rubio:

1. “citizenship path…in the United States contingent on certain border security and visa tracking improvements. The plan provides for permanent residence for illegal aliens only after legal immigrants waiting for a current priority date receive their permanent residence status and a different citizenship path for agricultural workers through an agricultural worker program,”

2. “business immigration system reforms, focusing on reducing current visa backlogs and fast tracking permanent residence for U.S. university immigrant graduates with advanced degrees in science, technology, engineering or math also known as the STEM fields.”

Now, it’s the pathway to citizenship of immigrants that dispelled the Tea Party in endorsing Rubio.

So, after Rubio pushed for the reform Tea Party rallies started popping up attacking Rubio labeling him and the reform bill as Rubio’s ‘Amensty’ Plan. Now, aside from these name-calling being racist by playing on the fact that Rubio’s parentage is of immigrant backgrounds, the tea party displayed what they’ve always managed to show perfectly: an erratic response to any bill that may seem too progressive and “un-American.”

With supporters who once back him, Rubio ended up abandoning his efforts for immigration reform a few months after pushing for it.

And since then he has skirted his campaign in a manner that doesn’t outright upset the tea partiers or fellow Republicans. However, Rubio has still managed to show what most of his Republican counter-parts lack: a politician who holds a political viewpoint that’s not blinded by irrationality or based on the ideology of the majority within his party.

For example, when it comes to the recent climate in our country regarding the criminal justice system and the interaction between law enforcement and civilians Rubio stands out amongst other Republican candidates.

Back in August of last year, on two separate occasions, Rubio stated that: “We can’t ignore as a reality that in many communities in this country, the relationships between minority communities and the police and law enforcement are terrible,” and that “I do think it is incumbent upon local communities to improve the relationship between law enforcement and the community that they are there to serve and protect.”

Rather than blame the Obama administration for this intense atmosphere, Rubio addressed the real issue for it which is a lack of communication, understanding, and social responsibility between police and minority groups.

On other occasions, Rubio has presented his political viewpoint as a candidate who is not going to be motivated by his party’s ideology simply because it’ll help in attaining the presidency (Rubio eluded to this back when he stated he had some concerns about Obamacare yet wouldn’t downright argue against it simply because there are those in his party that do) and it’s because of this possible perception of him being a “wild card” or “rogue” candidate that Rubio is getting shafted by his party for the likes of Trump and Cruz.

Rubio doesn’t embody that “aggressive American” (which is really illogically anger and uninformed American) behavior his counterparts possess that he doesn’t. In other words, Rubio is the John Kerry of the Republican party.

Rubio may not have been an ideal candidate to win the 45th presidency, for some, but compared to the options we have left coming in from the right…he would have been a far more better choice.

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