Celebrity Tips for Outdoor Cookouts

“Celebrity Tips for Outdoor Cookouts”

Gear up for outdoor cookouts and entertaining with celebrity tips that will prep you for get-togethers with your friends and family during the spring and summer months.

According to a recent Harris Poll, 8 in 10 American adults watch cooking shows, and consumers and celebrities alike are trying out TV recipes to throw dinner parties that will wow their friends and families.

kKarent Sierra, from Bravo TV’s Real Housewives of Miami, loves entertaining at her house – and living in South Florida means she can host dinner parties outdoors all year long.   Coming from a Colombian background, she especially likes to cook Sancocho, a delicious stew with lots of fresh ingredients, including chicken, meat, corn, potatoes, cassava, carrots and onions.  She offers these top tips:

“So I don’t have to cry cutting up my onions, I love the Princess House Press & Chop Food Processor to chop up all my vegetables.  I also use Bamboo Chef’s Board; it’s perfect for preparing everything before I start grilling or cooking.”

“Hearty meals like Sancocho, need extra-large cookware. I like to use the Princess Heritage Tri-Ply Stainless Steel 14 Quart Sear and Simmer Pan which fits all my ingredients.”


dDania Ramirez is a Dominican-American television and film actress and mother of two, whose credits include the roles of Maya Herrera in Heroes, Alex in Entourage, and Blanca during the last season of The Sopranos on television. She loves to entertain guests outdoors and she’s discovered how to make it simple, fun and easy-to-clean up so she can enjoy the meal and time with her guests, as much as they do!  Here’s her star-studded advice:

“When entertaining outdoors I like to keep it simple.  I use cookware that can go straight from the oven to the table without disrupting the décor. Plus it makes cleaning up that much easier!” Durable and beautiful, the Princess Moderna™ Cook + Serve collection from Princess House can go from the refrigerator to over or microwave, then straight to the table – perfect for everyday use and special occasions.

“I always love to have small versatile glass containers. They are easy enough to move around and allow me to have juice, iced tea or margaritas ready-to-go for any occasion on a moment’s notice.” From special occasions to quiet evening with friends, the Princess Heritage® Pitcher and Grande Glasses bring style to spring entertaining.





Antonio Banderas Makes it Through Heart Attack


Antonio Banderas Makes it Through Heart Attack

Actor Antonio Banderas has recovered from a heart attack that he had in January. The 56-year-old actor from Spain shared with the media that “I suffered a heart attack on Jan. 26, but it wasn’t serious and hasn’t caused any damage.”

Banderas says he underwent a procedure to place three stents in his arteries, adding that “it hasn’t been as dramatic as some have written.”

Banderas  known for roles in such films as “The Mask of Zorro,” ”Desperado,” ”Philadelphia” and the animated “Puss in Boots.”


Banderas spoke Saturday at a film festival in his hometown of Malaga in southern Spain, where he received a lifetime achievement award for his career as an actor, director and producer.

Team USA Beats Team Puerto Rico in WBC Final

Toronto Blue Jays ace Marcus Stroman  wanted to pitch for Puerto Rico, where his mother was born, however after re-thinking it all, he felt he needed to pitch for Team USA. His decision turned out to be what helped Team USA win its first WBC championship. Stroman took a no-hitter into the seventh inning, and even after a third-inning walk to Carlos Beltran that lead a double play grounder.

Angel Pagan finally broke up his no-hitter with a single to left field, ending Stroman’s night, as he walked off the field to a huge standing ovation. He was very dominant, permitting just three balls out of the infield. Team USA’s starting rotation was the story of the tournament. They overwhelmed the opposition, going 3-1 with a 1.25 ERA. They gave up just one run in their final 23 innings.

Team USA, for the first time in the tournament’s history are now the champions. They will be the defending WBC champions until the next tournament, in 2021, says Commissioner Rob Manfred, despite baseball returning to the Olympics in 2020.


Stroman nullified the Puerto Rico’s offense, never giving them a chance to get into the game.

He struck out in his first two at-bats, looking worse with each at-bat, and then botched a sacrifice bunt. He finally broke his zero-for-11 skein with a seventh-inning single, breaking a streak of six consecutive strikeouts. Puerto Rico decided before the game that win, or lose, they were going to fly together to their native island to celebrate their WBC performance.

“This means so much to our country,’’ veteran reliever J.C. Romero said. “We want to be an inspiration. Something people on the Island can be proud of.’’

These games have taken Puerto Rico by storm, the whole country gathered for viewing parties in homes at restaurants and bars to watch games. Stores have even run out of blonde hair dye, with entire classrooms dying their hair to emulate their idols.

“I believe with the performance that we had in Mexico and San Diego,’’ Puerto Rico manager Edwin Rodriguez said, “that the excitement for baseball in Puerto Rico has been increasing. It grows and grows, and it becomes stronger. Obviously to win always attracts people that are in  positions of helping to further to develop the programs and consciousness so youngsters can see the possibilities when they see a Francisco Lindor , Carlos Correa or others like that so they can imagine a future”.

J.Lo and A-Rod Dating?

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s relationship continues to heat up as the couple was spotted sitting next to each other while riding on the back of a golf cart on at the New York Yankees’ spring training game against the Baltimore Orioles in Tampa, Florida.

EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Lopez and boyfriend Alex Rodriguez show their romance is growing - as they get photographed together at a baseball game. The new couple were seen sitting side by side on the back of a golf cart at the New York Yankees' Spring Training game against the Baltimore Orioles in Tampa Florida. J.Lo, who is from the Bronx, NY, wore a Yankees cap as she showed support to her boyfriend who is now a special instructor to the world famous team. He retired from professional baseball last summer. 18 Mar 2017 Pictured: Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. Photo credit: FAITH RANKIN/MEGA TheMegaAgency.com +1 888 505 6342 (Mega Agency TagID: MEGA25084_001.jpg) [Photo via Mega Agency]

“They looked comfortable with each other and were seen holding hands,” a witness told ET  “They were waving to fans as they drove away on the golf cart.”

Despite retiring from professional baseball last year, A-Rod is still involved with the Yankees, while J.Lo, a Boogie down Bronx,  native herself, rocked a blue Yankees hat to show her support.

This was the latest outing in the couple’s romantic Florida trip. Last week, the Lopez wore in a leggy white mini-dress while on a dinner date with the former athlete.

What You Can Learn from the Super Rich

Almost everyone wants to be rich. Many want to own their own business. Both require hard work, smart work and a constant and never ending learning process. The moment, you think you know it all, is usually the beginning of the end. Below are a collection of insights from multiple sources of successful entrepreneurs and wealthy individuals on what to do and what not to do…and take a look at the video below.

It Ain’t Just for the Money
One thing you’ll discover if you observe rich folks is that while they may have expensive things, oftentimes, their focus is on experiences rather than on things If you’re contemplating purchasing a frivolous item — like a luxury car or a Rolex — consider instead what it could mean to your family to take a trip of a lifetime.  When we’re older, we’re unlikely to wish we’d had more stuff.  Instead, we’re likely to wish we’d spent more time living it up with the people who matter to us.

 Limit you’re Debt
Debt is a set of shackles.  You have to work harder to pay money back than you would have to earn it in the first place.  The ultra-rich understand that sometimes it’s best to defer a purchase until you can pay for it in cash.  You’re far better off learning to accomplish your goals with creativity, determination and hard work than you are if you ask others to shoulder your risk for you.  Find ways to cut costs, create a new way to make money…do everything you can to avoid falling into too much debt, which can enslave you.

Love What You Do (but you have to make money from it) One question entrepreneurs who are looking to refine their niche, ask is “What would you be doing if it weren’t about the money?”  Now the answer can’t simply be “Drinking Coronas under a coconut tree.”  The point is that if you can find a way to incorporate your passion into your work, then you’re learning one of the secrets of the super-rich.  They don’t derive pleasure simply from amassing wealth.  They feel motivated because they love what they do.  You can do that too!  Ask yourself what matters to you apart from money … and then find a way to make money from it!

Luck goes both ways
Luck is always involved in entrepreneurship. No matter how hard you work, there will be some (good and bad) luck in it. Yes, luck favors the prepared and it is not all about luck. But when it comes along, recognize it and take advantage of it. And when you have bad luck, don’t feel sorry for yourself. Embrace it and get back out there. There will be setbacks. The only question is: how will you respond? Will you get down on yourself and think “why me?” or will you bounce back and find a way to persevere? And remember, luck goes both ways. So if something happens in your favor, be thankful and embrace it. And don’t pat your back too hard, but learn from the ups and the downs, they are both important…many times the downs are actually more insightful and important than the highs.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint
The goal is to increase your chances of success. Being an entrepreneur is hard. It takes sacrifice. There are no overnight successes (well, maybe one or two), but for most successes out there, the real backstory is much more tumultuous. Success is almost never linear. Sometimes there are ups and downs, rights and lefts, forwards and backwards. The goal is to take one or two steps forward every day, with the understanding that there will be setbacks. My favorite analogy is comparing entrepreneurship to mountain climbing in Antarctica. Successful climbers don’t dwell on the peak; they focus on the next 20 feet, and then the next, and then the next. Building a business takes time. You need to be able to weather the storms and take advantage of serendipity.

Don’t Try To Do It All
All the money in the world doesn’t do you much good if you don’t have the time to enjoy it.  If you insist on doing everything yourself, then your earnings are determined (and limited) by your hourly rate and the finite number of hours in each day. If you bill $200/hour for your time and work ten hours a day, then your earnings are $2000.  But if you need more than that to keep your business and family afloat, then you’re not doing good.  But imagine that you employ ten people who earn you $15/hour.  You’re instantly pulling in $2000 for a ten-hour day, pay out $1500, a $500 a day surplus, and if you add more employees, you can continue to grow your company.  Think big!

Be Determined, but Humble
Be open to feedback. Learn, but don’t be a ping pong ball. Have humble confidence, take feedback well and realize that while you may be smart and capable, you can’t do it alone. (And that some luck plays into everything.) With that said, entrepreneurs must evoke confidence. Again, they take feedback well but don’t bounce around on ideas. They have a point of view and they own it! It’s their unique take on the world, and they are building their business around it.

 Don’t Give up
Get as many “at bats” as possible. Most entrepreneurial efforts fail. And most of your ideas will also fail. The best way to increase your chances of success is to be around as long as possible. The best way to do that is to be frugal. Benjamin Franklin talked about being frugal and industrious. So be wise with your money, but not in a way that suffocates growth. The longer you can stretch your runway, the more chances you have at bat. And hopefully one of those chances leads to a hit. “To be in business you have to be in business.”

You are Responsible
This is your company, mentors, lenders and investors are here to help, but ultimately it is your business. If you want or need something, don’t be afraid to ask your supporters for help. But remember, it’s all you.

Check out this bonus video for you on an epic interview in 2007 with Bill Gates and Steve Jobs two of the most visionary entrepreneurs of all time. Here they reveal some of the secrets to their amazing success.


USA vs. Puerto Rico in World Baseball Classic Tonight!

After 39 games in 16 days in 6 different cities, the 2017 World Baseball Classic concludes tonight.  The United States will battle Puerto Rico in the WBC championship game at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

The championship game will be televised by MLB Network at 9 p.m. ET on  ESPN2 and ESPN Deportes will televise the title game in Spanish


This is the farthest Team USA has ever advanced in the WBC, in the title game by beating Japan 2-1 in Tuesday night’s semifinal. That was Japan’s only loss of this tournament. The win came three days after the United States beat the defending WBC champion Dominican Republic in San Diego.


Puerto Rico came close to winning the 2013 World Baseball Classic, falling in the title game to the Dominican Republic, who finished that tournament at 8-0. Now, Puerto Rico (7-0) is trying to become the second team to complete a WBC undefeated and make history as well.

“From defeat we learned, but we learned more from the great success we had in 2013,” Puerto Rico manager Edwin Rodriguez said Monday. “We have the talent, we have the staff, and we were able to execute the game and the plays as they should be executed. Then they were able to reach far, and that was what we learned the best.”

It took 11 innings on Monday night for Puerto Rico to outlast the Netherlands in the first WBC semifinal, a 4-3 game that was full of many exciting moments

These two teams met once already during this tournament, with Puerto Rico beating the United States 6-5 last Friday in a second-round matchup at Petco Park in San Diego.

Joe Manganiello Wrote a Book as a Gift for Sofia Vergara on Their Anniversary

“Sofía and I have always put each other’s well-being first, and that’s how I knew she was the one,” the True Blood alum, 40, told cosmopolitan in an interview; “I wrote her a book as a gift for our first anniversary. It was about how we met — as well as our courting — and was about 40 pages long.”

According to Sofia Vergara When he started trying to convince me to go out with him, I didn’t want to go out with him because of that. I don’t want to deal with that. I’m too old now to deal with that guy that all the girls are after him. You’re too hot. This is going to be so much work. I’m not kidding, I didn’t want to go out with him because of how hot he was. She got over that initial reservation and the two ended up getting married, so this all has a happy ending.


7 Business Ideas to Jump-start Tomorrow!

Are you looking to start a business or want ideas on what you can create to earn some extra cash? If you are then this 2 1/2 minute video can at least point you in the right direction.


Top 10 Apps for Entrepreneurs & Go-Getters

These are our 1o Apps  Recommend by LatinTRENDS for Entrepreneurs-Doers-Go-Getters

Motivation Daily & Positivity
If you are looking for a daily dose of motivation to achieve help you stay on track for important goals and big dreams, then get this app. It comes in a simple format, which includes powerful quotes to keep you focused when you’re tempted to slack off. Whether you’re pursuing health and fitness goals, prepping for a major project at work or school, or just need some inspiration, this app will help you get there.

Known as a virtual “chief of staff,” Accompany does all the research necessary to prep you for big meetings by emailing you a clear briefing beforehand. It provides you with all the information you will need to succeed in any situation. Accompany works by connecting to your Google or Microsoft email account, your mobile calendar and your Facebook and Twitter accounts. It examines your personal data and goes through biographies and other information online to create summaries of each of your contacts.

Square credit-card processing works for any size business, and is easy to do from anywhere. Square allows you to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, all for one low rate. Once you sign up, they will send you a free magstripe reader.

Toggl is an insanely simple way of tracking and logging your time that eliminates the need for timesheets. This app allows you to track time from a browser, computer or smartphone so you never again lose a minute of billable time. You can organize your time by project or tag, and mark as billable. If you forget to turn it on, just enter the time later.

This “save for later” app allows you to file away useful articles, interesting videos and any other content that you want to hang on to for future use. When you find something you want to view later, simply put it in your Pocket, and you’ll be able to access it from your phone, tablet or computer, even without internet access.

Trello is collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards, lists and cards so you can better prioritize work and life. At a single glance you can see what’s being worked on, who’s working on what and where in the process a project is. It makes project management–which can include work assignments, family chores or travel plans–easy and enjoyable.

Workflow allows you to connect the best features of your applications, so you can combine multiple steps across a number of apps into a single tap. With Workflow you can create shortcuts, manage your media and share content. It has been lauded as the “Swiss Army knife” for completing complicated tasks, and basically feels like you’re designing your own app (but much easier).

Wunderlist helps you tick off your personal and professional to-do list by getting your life in sync and making it easy to share your lists. A cloud-based task-management application, it makes sharing any lists you have, working collaboratively on projects or planning household activities and vacations easier. It syncs with your phone, tablet and computer so you can access your lists from anywhere.

HelloSign is the easiest way to handle contracts or other agreements on the go, it lets you view and sign without visiting the office. This app also eliminates the burden of needing to print, sign and scan a document to be sent back. It allows you to just use your fingertip to sign any PDF file and forward it to the necessary party.

Do away with all those sticky notes with your passwords scrawled on them. 1Password allows you to collect all those codes in one safe place online. This app keeps all your passwords and important information protected behind your Master Password. It has extensions and plug-ins for all the major browsers, and can securely store other things, like credit cards, bank accounts and licenses. You can save all the entries from a webpage form, so you can remember answers to security questions or other information.

Jessica Alba-Actress-Philanthropist and 1.7 Billion Dollar Entrepreneur

Born on April 28, 1981, in Pomona, California, film actress Jessica Alba comes from a diverse background. Her father is Mexican-American and her mother has Danish and French roots.

Jessica Alba’s, the Honest Company, a four-year-old consumer-products start-up in Santa Monica, California, that wowed the tech community with a $1.7 billion valuation and over 500 employees.  “We hire a lot of people right out of college,” says Alba, whose current age, 34, makes her older than the office average.



Director James Cameron, a movie industry giant, gave Alba her big break in 1998 when he cast her as the lead in the short-lived TV series Dark Angel. He isn’t shocked by Honest success: “If you went back to the day I met Jessica and told me, ‘This girl is going to build a billion-dollar company,’ I would’ve said, ‘I believe it.’ ”

Alba’s father, Mark, was in the U.S. Air Force and moved the family to Biloxi, Mississippi, and Del Rio, Texas, before settling in Southern California, where he started a real-estate company. Her mother, Cathy was a sort of jack of all trades, she was the manager of a movie theater; she went to cosmetology school; she was a bartender, waitress, and then managed Alba. Cathy began working at Honest a couple of years ago and trains retail partners as a senior brand educator.

As a child Alba suffered from asthma and allergies, that landed her in the hospital often, and instilled in her a burning desire to do something special in this world. At the age of 12, she become a devout born-again Christian. “I was seeking my purpose, in this world. This lasted until she was 17, when, she says, she was turned off by the boundaries and labels set by fellow churchgoers. That year, she attended an acting workshop in Vermont and “fell crazy in love with a cross ballet dancer who had a baby and was bisexual. I was like, ‘There’s just no way he’s going to hell!’ ” Acting opened her to a new world of creative people and a community where she belonged. “I felt like, at the end of the day, God is love and everyone is human.”


Jessica is very much into philanthropy, supporting the following organizations:

Baby2Baby Cancer Research Institute, Children’s Defense Fund, Clothes Off Our Back, Communities in Schools, Declare Yourself, DonorsChoose.org, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, Entertainment Industry Foundation, Feeding America, Global Campaign for Education, Global Poverty Project, Habitat For Humanity, International Fund For Animal Welfare, Keep A Child Alive, Kids Wish Network, Love, Our Children USA, March Of Dimes, Melanoma Research Alliance, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, National Kidney Foundation, ONE Campaign, Padres Contra el Cancer, Project HOME, RADD, Revlon Run/Walk For Women, Soles4Souls, SOS Children’s Villages, Stand Up To Cancer, Step Up, The Art of Elysium, The Max Love Project, The Nature Conservancy, The Rescue Train, The Samburu Project, Until There’s a Cure, US Doctors for Africa and V-Day