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Nominate a Trendsetter

15th Annual Latino Trendsetter Awards

Date of Event: May 2017 | NYC

What is a “Trendsetter”?

The 15th Annual Latino Trendsetter Awards & Scholarship Event. It will take place in NYC, in May 2017 and we’re looking for nominees!

What is a Trendsetter?

A Trendsetter is: A change agent, a risk taker, an inspired innovator, a culture lover. Latino Trendsetters are inspiring a new generation!

How To Nominate a Trendsetter
Easy…just click on the link below and fill in form with full name, address, company, position/title and a short bio of candidate, along with your/their contact information before December 31st 2016.

Note: Business awards can be submitted. This applies to small to larger businesses that are in the Hispanic Community and/or service or contribute to the community. This is the only award that is presented to the actual business entity. The awards criteria is based on diversity Philanthropic/corporate giving and community engagement.

About the 15th Annual Latino Trendsetter Awards

The Latino Trendsetter Awards is an Influencer event, that acknowledges leaders in business, medicine, education, community service, art, media, tech and entertainment. An Inspirational platform that celebrates the success of forward the thinking men and women our communities.

About LatinTRENDS

Our mission is to unmask the struggles, showcase the triumphs, beauty and rich diversity of the Hispanic culture and make everyday life simpler, entertaining and inspirational. We are committed to listening to the needs of our audience and connecting them with content and brands that will help alleviate their challenges and obtain their dreams.

Can’t see form? Click here:

For more information about the 15th Annual Latino Trendsetter Awards, CLICK HERE.

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